The choice of a traditional costume or traditionally-influenced fashions are already a mark of character and individual style! And, with top-quality, sophisticated or even bold accessories, you can give your look a completely personal touch.

Runggaldier offers a sophisticated selection of high-quality accessories fashioned from top-quality materials into miniature works of art by expert craftsmen and designers.

Whether to meet your own desires or as an original gift idea, there are beautiful cashmere shawls, exclusive silk cloths, sophisticated pearl necklaces, fine ornaments for hair and neck, elegant knitted ties, precious silver cufflinks, original deerskin belts, comfortable socks of alpaca wool, impressive felt hats and even ornate loden rucksacks.

Runggaldier’s exclusive range of course also contains a wide selection of shoes for him and her, all produced by outstanding shoemakers and entirely hand-made in special cases: traditional footwear with quill embroidery as the perfect complement to authentic traditional costumes.
We also stock original lace-up shoes made by established manufacturers, as well as lambskin boots, elegant single-piece low leather shoes and the classic “Haferl” shoes to be worn with lederhosen.

Come and see our range of novel materials and fascinating items from local and European designers.
Runggaldier is a treasure trove of top-quality gift ideas for you and your nearest and dearest!