The dirndl is universal, multi-talented, classic, a fashion item… truly an all-rounder in which every woman can look simply beautiful! A dirndl is a symbol for tradition and change, for elegance and irreverence, for constancy and creativity. It was once a part of daily life, whether working or celebrating.

Today world-famous designers, weavers and embroiderers are inspired to create new interpretations. At Runggaldier we are fascinated by the infinite varieties of the dirndl, whether through different cuts, lengths, materials, manufacturing and finishing techniques or colour combinations. Even an original dirndl may turn out to be a new discovery for us as we tailor its unique parts to the wearer.

Whether your dirndl is one of the favourite items in your wardrobe, or you are acquiring your very first dirndl, you can always be sure to find the finest quality materials and compositions at Runggaldier: we make sure too that all of our dirndls originate from collections produced exclusively by Alpine and European manufacturers. Our dressmakers will provide the finishing touch for a perfect fit.

And of course we also offer everything to go with your dirndl: blouses, knitted and fulled jackets, boleros, scarves, cloths, aprons, ballerina shoes and pumps, bags, rucksacks, as well as decorative items for head and neck. The joy of life at Runggaldier!