Loden is the South Tyrolean material. Evidence of its use in the region goes back to the 9th century; shepherds in the Alpine valleys used this special type of woollen material to keep themselves warm and protected during the long, cold winter months. The term “loden” comes from “lodo”, which means wool bales or raw wool in old German. The special characteristics of loden are its unique, elegant, supple and warm radiance. Loden is unusually tough and even water-repellent.

Only the finest quality selected sheep’s wool was used in the production of loden, which was spun and tailored before washing. The material was fulled and then felted using water in combination with pressure and friction movements. This processing produced an extremely resistant material that was then fixed, dyed, smoothed and combed in further steps. These processes even today give the wool fibres of loden their very flat, straight structure, making them supple yet at the same time hard-wearing. Special drying procedures lend the material its unique satiny gloss.

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Loden – for those who set store by themselves!