PERFECT FOR HIM… AND HER TOO! Amazed? Sometimes so are we! Because lederhosen indeed have an amazing effect on a man. Any self-respecting man here will have a pair in the wardrobe and know how to wear them in a smart combination: with a shirt, gilet, jacket and stockings. Lederhosen have been enjoying a revival for some years now and these traditional classics have now become fashion items that have conquered labels in the clothing industry. A part of life that has lasted over the generations: the more often lederhosen are worn, the finer and more valuable they become.

At Runggaldier we always are on the lookout for expert makers in the Alpine regions who are still capable of the special leather finishing that distinguishes lederhosen. Traditional and unmatched in their experience, they perfect these exclusive trousers from deer and goat leather. We only commission traditional European producers for the making of our lederhosen. Their many years of experience in handling the delicate material, finishing it with ornate seams and precious embroidery, will guarantee supreme comfort and hard-wearing quality.

As a complement to the traditional lederhosen, Runggaldier in Meran also offers a large selection of “charivaris”: decorative costume jewellery in the form of a chain hung with items of silver, rock crystal, medals, coins and small hunting trophies, created by craftsmen, these were seen in the past as status symbols and still demonstrate the wearer’s individuality today.