Made-to-measure to make sure everything fits perfectly and leaves you radiant. This is what underlies our daily motivation and enthusiasm in maintaining our century-old tradition of bespoke tailoring at Runggaldier. Original costumes, dirndls, elegant classic fashions and traditional men’s fashions are well-suited to everyone, whether we tailor a top-quality item from the latest collections to you, design the perfect dirndl or wedding dress for you or make a traditional costume to measure. This beautiful work always fills us with enthusiasm and has the special charm of anticipation for when it all fits perfectly and leaves you elated.

Original South Tyrolean traditional costumes hold a special place in our hearts. All must be perfectly co-ordinated, from fabrics and materials that are true to the original to making bobbin lace, buttons, fabric printing and embroidery. We apply our full range of experience, talent and passion to the unique items produced by bespoke tailoring, because each detail is handcrafted on these splendid garments. Runggaldier is also a leading point of reference for costume associations in the Alpine region.

We are delighted to combine the traditional with the fashionable and modern, reinterpreting older couture with the use of modern materials. So do not be afraid to come to us with your favourite items: we know you are attached to them, and rightly so.

The traditional costume, dirndl or lederhosen are not throwaway items of clothing, but rather something that will accompany you a whole life long and often be passed down from generation to generation. That is why we at Runggaldier take every care in our bespoke tailoring.

This daily challenge is one we approach with passion: we will be pleased to advise you with style, skill and heart.


Traditional costumes are garments with a history! Runggaldier is one of the few businesses in South Tyrol that specialises in the field of making traditional costumes using original patterns from original materials, buttons, ribbons, embroidery and prints together with the appropriate accessories. The shop thus holds a valuable treasure in the form of innumerable authentic South Tyrolean traditional patterns, handed down over time, as well the ability to bring the very best out of this cherished attire.

Genuine South Tyrolean traditional costumes are a special passion of ours. There are many different versions, as in almost every valley the local people have their own traditional “Gwand” or costume. We at Runggaldier are thus particularly proud of our wide experience and skill in making traditional costumes according to the original pattern, including everything that is part of it. We procure fabrics and materials that are true to the original from a few selected specialist manufacturers. Bobbin lace is made for us by farmers’ wives in the Ahrntal Valley, while embroidery is sourced from experienced craftswomen in the area around Meran, the Passeier Valley and the Vinschgau Valley. The precious garments thus contain considerable experience, passion and hand-finishing, all making us into specialists for traditional folk costumes in South Tyrol.

Runggaldier is also home to a genuine treasure: our archives contain a valuable stock of rare, authentic South Tyrolean costumes from the years 1910-1940. These splendid historical items ensure the faithful production of genuine South Tyrolean traditional costumes, into which Runggaldier repeatedly breathes new life.

Associations for traditional costumes, music bands, folk dance groups, choirs and marksmen from across the Alpine region appreciate Runggaldier’s skill in making and adapting traditional, local and historic folk costumes for various organisations.

We will be pleased to help if your traditional costume association needs assistance with its particular outfit.
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Trends catalogue

Runggaldier, as a specialist shop in Meran, brings traditional and contemporary fashion together so that you can simply be inspired by your mood and your needs to find and live your personal style. Our sense of style in choosing from current collections lets you select from the latest trends from exclusive brands. We are proud to present the best brands of the traditional and the classic worlds of fashion under one roof.

Each season therefore sees a fresh breeze blowing through Runggaldier. We present high-quality clothes and accessories for ladies, gentlemen and children in up-to-date form, with creative ideas and individually tailored advice, all making it easy for you to trust Runggaldier as a partner for composing your latest outfit – stylish, modish or classically elegant.

Come and be inspired. Our current “TRENDS” CATALOGUE gives you an enjoyable foretaste of the most exciting fashion labels, finest collections and coolest designs of the year.


There are moments of decision that are strongly emotional. Probably no other purchasing experience requires so much empathy, quiet, trust and attention as the choice of a wedding dress. The sales team at Runggaldier know the needs of their clients and are adept at offering highly sensitive advice. It will thus be an honour for us to dedicate to you all the time you need in order to advise you as best we can in selecting a dress that will truly reflect your beauty.

Making original traditional costumes to measure also requires the greatest attention to a large number of delicate details that will ultimately reflect the high quality of the painstaking production process. There is no place for haste here.

Fittings need peace and quiet, so just enjoy it as we tailor your splendid item to you and give yourself a little extra time when you require bespoke tailoring.

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We at Runggaldier see clothes as a valuable contribution with which to express your charisma, emphasise your personality and increase your well-being. Our relationship with our clients is thus not just limited to sales, but also embraces the wish and the possibility to provide unique emotions and perceptions for you. Our team will accompany you with care and commitment when making your purchase so that your choice will correspond exactly to your taste and needs.

Our staff are fully up-to-date with the latest innovative trends as regards the colours, styles and materials used in the creations of the exclusive designers who appear at leading international fashion fairs.

With its century-old tradition Runggaldier can therefore offer an unmatched and immeasurable wealth of experience in terms of information, expertise and professionalism.

The individual skills and advice of Andrea Maria Tratter and her team at Runggaldier allow them to act as “personal shoppers” and ensure you enjoy a unique purchasing experience.

Our know-how lets us act as your “personal shopper” in deciding your stylish outfit.

Yours, Andrea Maria Tratter & the Runggaldier team

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We all like giving something special to our nearest and dearest. Have you perhaps thought of the sheer pleasure that a timeless traditional costume, modish dirndl, robust lederhosen or a top-quality fashion classic can give?

Come and be inspired… and offer your nearest and dearest the choice!

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