Style is always a matter of quality! Whether you are looking for authentic traditional costume dresses, fashionable dirndls, modish lifestyle outfits, wedding costumes, leather items, business suits or elegant, classic fashion for ladies, gentlemen and children, Runggaldier can offer you everything for your style needs: from hair ornamentation and scarves, shawls, ties, belts, bags, hats, stockings and shoes, all the way to charming items to complement your ambience – and much more besides.

Enjoy the atmosphere of a fashion house that is steeped in tradition, a gem located in the “Lauben”, Meran’s beautiful arcades. Here you can find traditional costumes and modern fashions in a contemporary setting. No details or accessories are left to chance – our aim is that you should look good and feel good from head to toe. Come and see our attractive range of top-quality items and distinguished accessories and appreciate the finest materials, such as loden, wool, silk, cashmere, cotton and linen. They are all of supreme quality supplied exclusively by prestigious manufacturers to Runggaldier in Meran: Windsor, Oleana, Daddy’s Daughters, Gössl, Wallmann, Schneiders, Geiger, Steinbock, Susanne Spatt, Hiltl, Grasegger, Clark Ross, Striessing, Gloriette, Owloon, Mothwurf Austrian Couture, Tostmann, Giesswein, Krüger, Lodenfrey, Wenger, Allwerk and Trentini.

The meticulous search for the right makers of traditional costumes, experienced craftsmen and prestigious fashion brands offers the perfect mix of current collections from leading labels that makes Runggaldier unique.

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History & tradition

THE TIMELESS ART OF CLOTHING YOU WITH CHARM Runggaldier has for 120 years now been a jewel in the crown of the historic arcades of Meran. Since the company’s beginnings in 1896 under founder Tobias Runggaldier and his wife Katharina Bosin, this South Tyrolean enterprise has been combining an awareness of tradition with modern styles. Its reputation as an excellent maker of folk costumes and as a specialist shop for clothing, materials, haberdashery and traditional costumes extended beyond the local borders from the very outset. The company’s in-house bespoke tailoring business continues to this day.

The generations that followed founder Tobias Runggaldier always paid close attention to an exclusive range of original costumes, fashionable dirndls and elegant classics for gentlemen, ladies and children. His niece Gerdi Runggaldier ran the business with great enthusiasm for a total of 57 years and consolidated its good reputation.

Since 2011 the firm of Runggaldier has been stylishly and confidently guided by Andrea Maria Tratter. An experienced perfectionist in all aspects of fashion and craftwork, she follows Gerda Runggaldier, the niece of founder Tobias, in running this historic boutique in Meran: she combines a professional know-how from the clothing industry, an appreciation of the company’s tradition dating back over one hundred years and a creative open-mindedness to the latest trends. Runggaldier’s in-house tailoring department guarantees the stylish manufacturing of authentic traditional costumes and elegant fashions made from exclusive loden, with top-quality materials and unique accessories selected from season to season from the latest collections. The range in stock is extensive and runs from classic clothing in traditional materials and bespoke Alpine styles to fashionable couture and innovative materials.

You can rely on our experience, our passion for style and our century-old tradition!


Our philosophy matches your desire to feel at ease; not just on special occasions, but every day. You should be able to express and act out your individual style.

Whether in a fashionable dirndl, a festive traditional costume, elegant classic clothes or a stylish lifestyle outfit, in lederhosen, shirt, silk gilet, check shirt or silk blouse, velvet blazer, linen dress or loden coat… for Runggaldier you and your personal wishes are always a priority. We consider not only the sale, but also aim to inspire unique emotions and a special feeling of well-being. We carefully follow your choice and your decision in order to make sure that the right item perfectly matches your tastes and needs.

We are inspired by our passion for top-quality materials, elegant couture and original, innovative materials and will be pleased to advise on your individual requests, no matter how unusual, until the clothing in question fits perfectly.

With our preference for fashionable, traditional and elegant outfits we will accompany you until your choice of clothing offers the perfect combination of style, comfort and quality, as your satisfaction is our priority. We attend all the leading textile fairs and visit the makers of traditional costumes and country house styles, experienced craftsmen and progressive designers to make sure your finest attire turns heads as each new season starts. A purchase from Runggaldier will always be a personal experience for you.

Come and share our love for tradition, perfection and top-quality fashion in our store at Lauben 276 in Meran.


HEART, PASSION AND EXPERTISE Choosing, combining and buying clothes is always a very personal matter! We leave nothing to chance when you select, try on and purchase your latest dress from Runggaldier. Our team dedicates its entire passion and expertise to every aspect so as to make your clothing wishes come true. No detail is neglected and we will consider our entire range in order to match your personal style.

From choosing and alteration to trying items on, we will be also be pleased to advise you after your purchase to ensure everything fits perfectly and you are delighted with what you have bought. Our long-standing employees are personally and passionately committed to this credo.

As a traditional firm, we have always had highly qualified employees to provide fashion advice, purchase materials, offer bespoke tailoring and seek the best designer brands and finest collections.

There are always two qualified dressmakers on the premises. Apart from repairs and alterations they are also masters in the production of incredibly beautiful traditional costumes, celebratory outfits and other unique items and can select from a large range of top-quality materials such as loden, wool, silk, cotton and linen.

The warm approach, love for the traditional and openness to the contemporary is just as important for our team as total perfection and expertise. And of course an intuitive feeling for quality!

To see how we can dress you to feel your best, come and visit us at Runggaldier in Meran.